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What's so good about Harris Tweed cloth and why choose it for your dog's next collar?

As worn by the handsome Murphy here (he's a multi champion in the UK), Harris Tweed looks just perfect on him, an award winning fabric for an award winning dog. Harris Tweed has presence, bold colour and opulent texture, just like Murphy!

Harris Tweed is a sturdy and beautiful product, it is pure virgin wool. Unlike some other tweeds, Harris Tweed is dyed before it is spun. There's no after-thought of adding a bit more surface colour here or there, the colour goes right to the heart of this fabric. The texture has real depth to it. It's a hardy, long wearing fabric with good dirt repellent properties (no need to spray it with toxic anti-staining spray).

The tartans boast a delightful mix of colours, we always cut them on the bias (crossways) so that nobody gets a slice of grey or red, everyone gets a taste of each colour in the tartan.

Murphy is wearing Little Red Corvette in this photo, size Medium Large which is a medium length with a slightly wider width than our Medium.

Check out our shop at to see more glorious Harris Tweed fashion for your own fabulous champion.

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