Sculptured Harris Tweed collar designed especially for Greyhounds, Deerhounds, Sighthounds, Salukis and Afghan hounds. These collars have a puffy marshmallow hand quilted inner and a luxury outer of genuine Harris Tweed fabric. Lined and edged in soft, colour matched suedette with a shape retaining inner core.


Choose from either gold, silver, antique brass or rose gold hardware


Hound Collars in 5 sizes:


XXS Wearable length is from 22 to 27cm, widest point is 4cm
XS Wearable length is from 28 to 34cm, widest point is 5cm
S Wearable length is from 32 to 39cm, widest point is 6cm
M Wearable length is from 37 to 47cm, widest point is 8cm
L Wearable length is from 45cm to 55cm, widest point is 9.5cm


If you need a different length or width please just message as most things are possible.


Available with optional matching lead which is Harris Tweed top to toe, front and back with no ugly backside and no bare webbing so you don't need to worry about having the good side facing outwards.


If you don't see the colour of collar that you want please message as we can make these collars in most of stock of over 30 Harris Tweeds.

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